Treat Your Body Right In The New Year With The Body Shop

Lately I’ve been searching for products that aren’t only better for my body, but that are good for my skin. Nautral is always better and when I started exploring all that The Body Shop has to offer, I got really excited. The Body Shop has a variety of products to choose from, ranging from skin care, to makeup, products for the home, and even body products for men! also has The Body Shop coupon codes and promotions, which includes free shipping on purchases $50 and over!

I’ve actually tried a few skin care products from The Body Shop and really like the way my skin feels and looks because of these fab beauty items. Plus, I haven’t had any problems with my skin breaking out, which is usually what I’m most concerned about. That and staying young of course! Here are beauty products from The Body Shop I recommend and don’t take my word for it, try The Body Shop yourself!

The Smoothing Day Cream feels great on my face and if you have combination skin (oily and dry), this is a great cream for you. This lotion improves your skin’s elasticity, protects your skin from sun damage, and decreases the appearance of fine lines on your face as well!

This cream also lasts up to 12 hours on your face (that’s 12 hours of moisture!) and is made out of awesome natural ingredients that I love: a Community Trade organic babassu oil from Brazil that smoothes and revitalizes skin.

I love it when my face feels fresh and clean after washing off all of the impurities after a day of wearing makeup. That’s why I love The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Cleansing Wipes. These wipes not only make your face feel super clean, they work to help prevent breakouts, tone your skin, and unclog those pores that turn into zits!

The Lemon tea tree and Community Trade tea tree oil from Kenya contains properties that help fight against acne as well as sweep away extra oil at the same time.

If you want your face all set to go for an evening of relaxation and then hitting the sack, try these cleansing wipes!

The Body Shop Round Body Brush is great as both a massager, exfoliating dead skin, and promoting healthy skin! Even though I don’t personally own this body brush, from the looks of it, it seems like a great buy. I get tired of using loofa brushes and I think this is the perfect alternative.

According to, this brush is “made from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) beech wood, which means that the wood comes from well managed forests that are independently certified in accordance with the rules of the FSC.” Isn’t it great that you can help save the forests AND take care of your skin?!

The Body Shop also has great collections if you are wanting to try out multiple products at the same time. The Candied Ginger Body and Lip Care Collection is one example of the many collections that The Body Shop has to offer.

This particular collection includes a Candied Ginger Shower Gel, Candied Ginger Body Butter, Candied Ginger Body Scrub, and a Candied Ginger Lip Balm that all come together! Yay!

So why not start out the New Year right and treat your body right? I’m trying to take better care of my skin by spending less time out in the sun, cleaning my skin with products like the cleansing wipes more often, not wearing as much makeup that clog up my pores, and eating healthy.

Do you have any skin care goals for the New Year ahead?


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