Totally In Love With Summer Shoes And Sandals From Payless

During the summer I have a hard time justifying spending a lot of money on shoes, so instead I constantly am on the look out for good deals on quality shoes that won’t break my wallet. When I do find a great pair of shoes I’m quick to keep them around and take care of them because they’re so comfortable. Plus I want them to stay in condition for a while longer!

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been a fan of Payless Shoes. Not only do they offer incredible deals, but they offer quality shoes that feel comfortable but for half the price. Right now Payless Shoes coupons will help you save an additional 20% off of your order, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. I’m going to take full advantage and find some extra summer shoes that I will adore.

I’m pretty much set for the summer in the shoe department, but I’m still on the lookout for some summer flip flops that will work well for me when I’m at the beach. Plus, who’s kidding. I love to shop so having “enough” shoes has never stopped me so far. In particular I came across some flip flops from American Eagle on the site and they come in a variety of colors, which is perfect if you want a variety of flip flops in different colors. Plus – they are only $6 a piece! Check them out and see what I mean.

There is another pair of flip flops that I have my eyes on because they have durable straps with a super light construction. The part that I love is the cushioned design on the bottom of the shoe, which increases flexibility as you walk. This is a perfect feature for me because I like to walk a lot while I’m at the beach. Plus – with their fun blue color, these shoes are the perfect pair of flip flops to own. These Squeezelite Sandals by Champion are also on sale, for $10. One can never own too many flip flops! Believe me, you will use them quite a bit during the summer time, even if you don’t live by the beach.

In addition to flip flops, find running shoes, darling sneakers, and pumps and wedges too. With such a variety of cute shoes it’s hard to choose which pair you want the most! I love wedges because they’re not as high as heels (usually) and plus they have a sole that’s a lot more even for your feet as opposed to the definite slope that heels usually have. During my first year of working right out of college I wore heels a lot and my feet suffered, so today I like flats more than pumps. But for those of you who are heel lovers – don’t let that stop you from finding some amazing pumps on Payless Shoes!

I like to take care of the soles of my feet so naturally I gravitate towards wedges. I found another great pair of wedges and these are also from American Eagle. They are called Kylene Peep Toe Wedge and they have the cutest style and floral pattern inside of the shoe too!

So have fun finding shoes that will “fit” your summer needs and have a great season in fashionable shoes! Payless Shoes is a great site to hunt for great deals, but beyond the coupons and deals don’t forget that there are fantastic shoes that are durable and high quality too.


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