Totally Tubular 12 Rad Products That Scream I Love The 80S

Spandex, shoulder pads, really bad BIG hairstyles, Milli Vanilli. Gag us with a spoon! Quite a few pretty bad things came out of the 1980s. But there was a ton of really cool stuff, too! Back to the Future, Nintendo, Michael Jackson… just to name a few. We’ve wrangled up a dozen totally awesome things that bring back a time when we actually liked Madonna, MTV played music videos, and Eddie Murphy was… well, funny. Even if you didn’t live through them, take a walk down memory lane with us as we fondly remember the Bubble Game Decade known as the ’80s.

Hybrid Electric ’80s Graphic Tee Shirt

Was $20.00, Now $13.99

Long before pocket-sized MP3 players, we were lugging around monster-sized boomboxes (see: John Cusack in Say Anything.) Neon colors and an old school boombox make up this cotton graphic tee. Caution: This t-shirt may cause a sudden (and poor) attempt at breakdancing. Coupons

Freestyle Shark Classic Full 80s Watch


A brightly colored plastic wristband and digital display make up this 80s inspired wrist watch. It also includes a stopwatch, a NightVision backlight display, and is water resistant to 100 meters.

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Atari Game Logos Pint Glass Set


Back when video games were played on cartridges or coin-operated arcade machines, Asteroids, Missile Command, Tempest and Centipede were enormously popular. Here they are featured on a set of 4 16 oz. pint glasses. Coupons

Flashdance Graphic Sweatshirt

$34.50 & Free Shipping with code 25AFFND until 10/14

Be a maniac on the dancefloor in this cropped, off the shoulder sweatershirt inspired by the sweatshirt Jennifer Beals infamously wore in Flashdance. Coupons

Brat Pack Movie & Music Collection

Was $26.93, Now $15.43

The Brat Pack (featuring the likes of Molly Ringwald, Emilio Estevez and Ally Sheedy) in three coming-of-age classic John Hughes films: The Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Weird Science.

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Fraggle Rock Analog Clock

Was: $19.99, Now $14.98

Join Red, Gobo, Wembley, Mokey and Boober as you tick the hours away on this colorful wall clock. Doozers appear on the end of each rotating hand.

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Barbie Debbie Harry Collector Doll

$32.54 & Free Store Pick-up

Long before Lady Gaga was singing “Telephone”, original fierce blonde superstar Debbie Harry was asking you to call her in “Call Me.” Here she is as a collectible Barbie. Comes complete with two-tone bleach blonde hair, hot pink punk outfit and certificate of authenticity. Coupons

Rainbow Black Stripe Retro Sunglasses


Similar in style to the Wayfarer’s that Tom Cruise sported in Risky Business and the pair Judd Nelson wore in The Breakfast Club, these retro sunglasses are just as cool and more more affordable. Wear them at night a la Cory Hart to up your cool quotient. Coupons

Rubik’s Cube Speaker


You can hardly recount the ’80s without the Rubik’s Cube coming to mind. This time, the Rubik’s Cube is a speaker. Just plug it into your MP3 player with the included 3.5 audio cable and enjoy your favorite tunes with your favorite ’80s toy.

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Retro ’80s Candy Box


The ’80s were crazy. Crazy delicious! Pop Rocks, Now & Laters, Laffy Taffy and an assortment of other classics are included in this 1 lbs box of candy. Also included is a 1980 highlight card and Rubik’s Cube! Coupons

Scene It? 80s Deluxe Edition


While the heaps of knowledge you picked up pouring over issues of Teen Bop have almost been a complete waste for the past couple decades, fear not. 80s Scene It? is bursting with trivia questions about some of your favorite ’80s subjects: Kirk Cameron, Pac-Man, Punk Rock and plenty more!

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80s Cell Phone Case


Although an ’80s cell phone now looks inconvenient and bulky, having a phone with no cords seemed amazing at the time. Get a little nostalgic while still enjoying the modern features of your iPhone with this ’80s Cell Phone Case.

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What were some of your favorite things to come out of the ’80s?


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